Let's jump right into this- talking about myself is not my forte' so this will be short and sweet. I grew up in a small town in the mountains of Western Maine. I enjoy reading, eating tacos, being outdoors and above all, spending time with my wife and kids. For me, photography started out as just a fun hobby- over time it naturally started to grow into a business which I couldn't be more thankful for. There's so much I love about being in this business but the cherry on top for me is being able to deliver a product to our clients that they will cherish forever.


Well same, who likes to do this and talk about themselves (cry face). I grew up on the Outer Banks of North Carolina and I'm so thankful for the life my perfect Momma gave us there. She taught my sisters and I to always be grateful, live by our consciousness, eat healthy, stay active, live in the moment, follow our dreams and that there are three things that remain - Faith, Hope, and Love - and the greatest of these is LOVE. Every morning I do my best to wake up grateful and to live by all of these things the best I can. Photography is a dream I've had since I was itty bitty. I'm so grateful to be able to capture the LOVE between people and bring it to life in a photograph that hopefully y'all will be able to ooooh & ahhhh over forever- and also help y'all to have a frikin blast on your wedding day - duh!